What To Expect During Voice Problem Treatment

A voice disorder can make you feel self-conscious. You may not want to speak to people, worrying that they're judging you or secretly making fun of you. If your voice is always hoarse, people may struggle to hear what you're saying to them, which can pose a problem for both you and them. Fortunately, if you're having voice problems, Dr. Mehmet Agabigum, serving Flint, MI, and the nearby region, is available to assist. Here's how we can help.

Determining the Cause of the Problem

When you visit us for voice problems, the first part of the visit will consist of you filling out a medical history report, which allows us to see if you have any previous problems, surgeries, or health conditions that could be causing your voice issues. For instance, cancer or an injury could be the culprit of your voice problems.

Our physician will want to listen to your voice and may manually assess your vocal cords and the surrounding area.

Sometimes, our practitioner may need to request imaging to get a view of your throat. Our doctor may also order you a stroboscopy, which uses a camera to assess your vocal cords while they're in action. And these are merely some of the rests we may use.

Figuring Out a Solution

Based on the test results, our doctor will find a course of action right for your particular situation. For instance, we may recommend lifestyle changes, such as refraining from yelling or speaking loudly, to give your vocal cords time to heal.

Vocal therapy in Flint, MI, might be used to correct your voice problems. During this treatment, our practitioner will guide you through exercises that work your vocal cords but won't strain them. You may need to partake in exercises like taking timed deep breaths into your speech pattern.

Botox injections are sometimes useful in treating voice disorders since these relax muscle spasms in the throat. Fillers and fat injections are sometimes useful as well.

In some cases, though, our practitioner may need to refer you to another specialist, sometimes even a surgeon, to correct the problem. For instance, let's say our doctor finds you have a tumor. The next step is to refer you to an oncologist who can decide on an appropriate course of treatment for you and conduct further imaging to determine the extent of the problem.

Dr. Agabigum, serving Flint, MI, and the neighboring communities, helps people with voice problems. We offer an array of treatment options and can tailor a plan specifically for your personal needs.

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