Hearing Aid Maintenance: Tips for Cleaning, Battery Replacement, and Care

If you need assistance to hear well, Dr. Mehmet Agabigum in Flint, MI, offers hearing aids to help. 

Guide to Caring for Hearing Aids 

 Hearing aids provide many people with the ability to hear well despite various issues. These tiny devices are essential for many people’s quality of life, but they need to be taken care of properly. Below, Dr. Agabigum and his team in Flint, MI, provide tips below to help make this happen. 

1. Keep Them Clean 

 Earwax is important for your ears but can impact your hearing aids. Use a dry swab, cotton ball, or soft toothbrush to clean your hearing aid at the end of the day, and change the wax filter regularly. Additionally, keep regular appointments to have it professionally cleaned.

2. Change the Battery Regularly 

 Hearing aid batteries can die pretty quickly – some within three days. Others die within three weeks. Their longevity depends on the type you use, how often you use your hearing aid and similar factors. It’s a good idea to change them weekly, or sooner if you notice you need to turn them up, the sound is distorted, or you hear a beeping noise. Keeping them turned off when not in use can help the batteries last longer. 

3. Don’t Get Them Wet

 While cleaning your hearing aid, be sure it stays dry. Water can damage your device, so you must be careful when cleaning. It’s also important that you don’t wear it in the shower, pool, or sauna. Place it on a dry, clean cloth or towel instead. 

4. Be Gentle with Your Device

 Any time you handle your device, do so very carefully. Grip it securely so that you don’t drop it. 

5. Store in a Dry, Safe Location 

 When you aren’t using your hearing aid, it should be stored away somewhere that pets and children cannot reach. Be sure that they are not stored in a humid location and leave the battery compartment door open to prevent any build-up of moisture. 

Whether you need hearing aids or you’re looking for help keeping yours operating efficiently, Dr. Agabigum in Flint, MI, is here to help. Call (810) 732-4250 to schedule an appointment today. 

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