What is an ENT Doctor?

In order to feel comfortable doing everyday things like eating, swallowing, speaking, hearing, you need to make sure that your ears, nose, and throat are as healthy as they can be. That’s where your ENT doctor can help. Dr. Mehmet Agabigum in Flint, MI, is your ENT doctor and can explain what an ENT doctor can do and how having one can benefit you!

What is an ENT Doctor?

An ENT doctor is a doctor that specializes in the ears, nose, and throat, and can perform specialized surgeries to keep those areas healthy and strong. If you’re experiencing issues in the ears, nose, or throat, it can affect other parts of your body and can affect your quality of life. Your ENT doctor in Flint, MI, can help if you’re struggling with sinus headaches, swimmer’s ear, sleep apnea, or even issues with swallowing.

Not only can your ENT doctor treat these issues, but they’re also trained as a surgeon and can perform specialty procedures to open blocked airways, remove cancer in the head, neck, or throat, and can rebuild parts of your ears, nose, or throat if necessary. If you’re dealing with certain issues, such as inner ear problems, that can affect your ability to balance and can cause you to feel dizzy. This can really affect your ability to feel comfortable in your everyday life and even participate in the activities that you enjoy.

Your ENT doctor can also treat certain issues that can affect your ability to sleep comfortably. Once these issues are properly treated, you’ll be able to feel more awake and alive on a daily basis, which can in turn help you succeed more often at work or school.

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