How an ENT Doctor Can Help Your Voice Problems

It can be very worrisome if you have problems with your voice. It may be a good idea to visit a specialist.  An ENT doctor in Flint, MI can give you the diagnosis and treatment that you need. Dr. Mehmet Agabigum is an ENT with a medical practice and the experience to provide exactly what you are looking for.

What is an ENT?

An ENT is a doctor who has a medical specialty that deals with ear, nose, and throat issues. The official medical name is Otolaryngologist. Almost half of all patients who visit their primary care doctors every year are suffering from issues with the ears, nose, and throat. 

What are some voice problems an ENT can help with?

Four problems are the primary reasons that an ENT doctor visit in Flint, MI may be necessary for your voice.

  • Are you suffering from hoarseness in your voice or has the sound of your voice changed?
  • Do you suffer from pain when you use your voice?
  • Suffering from a sudden loss of voice?
  • Has the volume of your voice changed? 

What causes some common voice problems?

One of the most common voice issues is Laryngitis, which is an inflammation of the voice box which can be the result of straining your voice or an infection. Other issues with the vocal cords can be caused by cysts, polyps, nodules, and cysts. Having a stroke or Parkinson's Disease can also cause weakness and voice issues. 

Voice problems can be classified into three categories:

  • Functional voice disorders-these can be the result of overusing the voice
  • Organic voice disorders-these are caused by physical changes to the larynx
  • Psychogenic voice disorders- can be caused by mental issues like depression

What types of treatments does an ENT recommend?

Voice issues need to be addressed by a doctor. Leaving issues untreated can result in problems becoming worse and needing more aggressive treatment. Voice problems can be treated with voice therapy, medication, and surgery.  

Voice therapy involves exercises that are tailored to the individual. The ENT will usually have a speech therapist do the follow-up exercise therapy. In some cases, medication for  GERD will help to reduce irritation of the vocal cords. If a growth on the vocal cords is the issue, surgery may be the best treatment.

If you are in need of an ENT doctor in Flint, MI, Dr. Agabigum has a full-service practice that can offer you the treatment that you need. Call the office at 810-732-4250 to make an appointment to have your voice problem evaluated.

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